Anti Sleep Alarm
Anti Sleep Alarm
Anti Sleep Alarm

Anti Sleep Alarm

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Anti Sleep Alarm

Created for your right ear to deliver the high alarm pitch that keeps you from dosing off.
The Nap Zapper is an anti-drowsy alarm designed to raise drivers awareness of momentary lapses caused by sleepiness and tiredness.
Wear behind the right ear.
As the drivers head nods below a preset angle, it emits a loud alarm signal alerting the driver to take corrective action.
The Nap Zapper is not only designed for drivers, it is perfect for people who need to be on full alert while on duty such as security guards
machine operator, and even students who need to work on their posture.
For driver safety: The best choice for drivers and keep drivers awake
Drive away drowsy when drving Keep safe when need to work attentively Perfect for pepole who need to be on full alert

How Anti Sleep Alarm Works

Anti Sleep alarm measure the conducted of skin. After then EDA reflects the brain activity. The processing algorithm of the signal, which is used in the anti-sleep alarm STOP SLEEP, is used in a reliable detection in the following two conditions:

Falling asleep, is differentiate by a strong signal decrease

Reduction of reaction, deep thought or simply boredom

Both conditions are not good for drivers, so thats why anti sleep alarm always recommended for the drivers.

Product Dimensions:-3.3 x 2.7 x 0.4 inches
Color:- As Per Availability

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